Far from trying to be a reference book in its field, the Guidelines is an open book for everyone who wants to contribute to the rediscovery, documenting, promotion and capitalization of Bistrita-Nasaud heritage.
By creating the Guidelines, we propose a crowd-writing project whose results should include us all: Romanian, Saxons, Hungarians and Roma, both elderly and younger people, and those who keep their relations and who can be in charge – the children of the elderly, the parents of the young. Together we can write a story beyond diversity. A story about identity – our identity, of the people in Bistrita and Nasaud all over the world.

Moreover, we wish that by the end of our project to turn these Guidelines into an interactive book. Songs and stories to listen to, recordings to see, old recipes – collected from the community caterers – to download. Technically, it’s possible. Practically, we need as much contributions as possible. Therefore, we invite you to work together!
socacite@progressfoundation.ro if you want to document the cultural heritage or if you already have resources that you can share to us to contribute to the Guidelines.
Before some fresh news, we invite you to look into our Guidelines and we would be very happy if you tell us how it is.