These were the questions that formed the grounds of this project. From the very beginning, we said that before bringing to the daylight the community caterers story, we had to unveil the stories of the people for whom they have been cooking, among whom they have been living, from whom they got habits, tastes and symbols and whom they always reunite around the same big and repeatable feasts.
The cultural and gastronomic diversity, supported by the ethnic diversity – this is our distinctive mark and we are proud of it. Romanian, Saxon, Hungarian and Roma people are not just living in this blessed land. They for a unified Bistrita community, and their culture enriches our shared identity.
Progress Foundation will develop in the near future the Awareness Campaign on Diversity of Bistrita-Nasaud County in this context and according to this vision.
The objective of the campaign is to involve various social groups in the discovery and promotion of our county’s culture (including the minorities’ cultures) through the stories collected from the villagers, present and past, told and exposed to the future generations.
During this campaign, we prepare the following activities:
– Launching the Cultural Diversity Guidelines of Bistriţa-Năsăud County;
– Multicultural story contest;
– Multi+ Week (“Multi+ Culture. Gastronomy. Community”).
Each stage of the campaign will be advertised to the local audience through the project website: and the media. We already invite you and your family to join our efforts and support the promotion of the cultural and gastronomic heritage diversity of our county.