We look for short stories!

➢ about real life, experiences or lessons learned from the people beside us – parents, neighbors, grandparents, uncles and aunts;
➢ heard, (over)told in front of the entrance, around the fire, at a funeral feast or at the meals in the family;
➢ that start with: “let me tell you what happened to me …”, “I still remember …”, “in our village …” and, of course, “in my time…”;
➢ have a core and an end – the story offers you a life lesson, a conclusion about how the things works, the role and the place of the people in their village, a snapshot of past times or an advice you’ll better remember.
Thus, if you are 15 – 25 year old and you are from Bistrita-Nasaud County, we invite you:
➢ to identify a story according to the criteria above
➢ to send the story to the project team, by filling in the form available here: tinyurl.com before the deadline: July 10th, 2015.
The project team will assess the stories between July 10th and 12th, 2015. The most beautiful 10 story ideas will be selected to be transposed in digital format and promoted to the wider audience. The winners list will be published on July 12th, at www.socacite.ro
Several reasons to take part in our contest:
➢ the 10 young winners of the multicultural story contest will take part in a hands-on digital storytelling workshop to be organized for 2 days in Sangeorz-Bai. All the participation costs will be covered by the project;
➢ during the workshop, the young people will learn how to use IT tools (computer, scanner, free audio and video editing software – Windows Live Movie Maker, Audacity) to create, edit and broadcast digital stories;
➢ once created, the digital stories will be integrated in the Cultural Diversity Guidelines of Bistriţa-Năsăud County, published on the website and projected for the wide audience during the Multi+ Week (“Multicultural, Gastronomy, Community”).