Thus, the young people learned how to use IT tools (computer, scanner, free audio and video editing software – Windows Live Movie Maker, Audacity) to create, edit and broadcast digital stories, while the adult participants focused on how to write and record their stories by using Audacity.
The workshop resulted into 11 podcasts (audio recordings) and 7 digital stories about: the first love of an uncle for a circus girl; gathering the hay with the family; preparing the brine, calling the awl by the grandpas, to make the little children eat; the legend of the Easter of Blajin; the Meadow of Clovers and the passion for folklore, transmitted from the grandma to her niece.
We invite you to discover all these stories by accessing our “Resources” section or by watching our collection on Vimeo (updating in progress) and the Photo Gallery created after the event.

The Digital Storytelling Workshop is the first activity organized within the Awareness Campaign on Diversity of Bistrita-Nasaud County from the project “Community Caterers – keeping, promoting and creating traditional rural culinary arts”. At its turn, the Socacitele project is implemented within the PA 17 Programme, Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage, and it is funded by a Grant provided by Norway, Island, Liechtenstein and the Government of Romania.