Job description


The Cultural Officer must participate in the planning and implementation of the cultural diversity awareness campaign, particularly in the elaboration of key messages on the community catering tradition, and the Cultural Diversity Guidelines of Bistriţa-Năsăud County. For this purpose, he/she will carry out the cultural research on and documentation of the catering tradition in villages like Rebrişoara, Feldru, and Rodna, and will contribute to the elaboration of the Cultural Diversity Guidelines with the collection of ethnographic data & materials, and professional opinions on the content structure.


The Cultural Officer will identify the community caterers, form the operator-caterer teams, and contribute to the community caterers’ branding. To this purpose, he/she will assist the Communication / Training Officer in the elaboration of the promotional material on the community caterers brand – through data collection, and expert opinions on the content structure.

Required qualifications, experience and skills

Qualifications and skills
–  University graduate;
Overall professional experience
– Professional experience of minimum 6 months;
Specific professional experience
– Expert’s involvement in the organization of 3 artistic events, at least;
– Minimum 6-month of professional experience in the national culture of minorities.